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Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What should I bring?
    Sunglasses are recommended, your camera, and a jacket or coat depending on the temperature.  Its about 10 - 15 degrees cooler on the water.

  • Where do I park? 
    There is currently limited parking at the marina due to construction on the grounds.  If there is no parking available, the Ocean Gateway parking garage is the closest garage and is located at 167 Fore Street, on the corner of Fore Street and Hancock Street ($12.00 for two hours and approx. $4.00 for each additional hour).  There is also a surface lot at the Ocean Gateway Terminal - Visitor's Center located at the corner of Commercial and India Streets ($15.00 per day). 

  • Where does my shuttle/taxi/Uber/Lyft driver drop us off?
    Your driver can drop you off at the marina parking lot and you'll cross the train tracks to the marina. 


  • We're walking - how do we find you?
    Head toward the waterfront and walk east (left) along Commercial Street, this becomes Thames and then the Eastern Prom.  We're .2 miles from the Ocean Gateway Terminal - Visitor's Center.

  • What time should I arrive?
    Please arrive 10
     minutes before your scheduled trip to sign the release of liability form and get your life jacket.

  • Is there a restroom on board?
    We do not have a restroom but there is one at the marina.


  • We're running late!  Can you wait?
    We can't wait as we have to respect other passenger's time.  We are not able to issue a refund if you're late and miss your tour.  If you booked a private tour, we can wait but will return to the dock at the scheduled time in order to be on time for the next tour.

  • It looks like there may be rain in the forecast.  Will we still go out?
    We will go out in a drizzle - please dress appropriately.  If we have to cancel a tour due to the weather or unsafe conditions, we'll attempt to text or call you at the phone number you provided or through e-mail (International customers - please check your e-mail).  We'll contact you 30 - 45 minutes prior to your tour if there are weather issues.  Weather that may affect tours includes:  dense fog, rain, high winds, sea swells 3 feet and greater.

  • Will we get wet?
    Usually no.  However, sea spray may blow back onto the boat when there are wakes/sea swells and wind.  If the captain has to slow the boat quickly, there is a chance for wake to come over the stern.  

  • Do you have jackets on board?
    We do not have jackets - please bring your own.


  • Are children allowed?
    Yes - for their safety, children must be at least 3 1/2 feet tall and 4 years old to safely ride on the boat's jockey seats and for proper life jacket fit.  All passengers are required to have their own seat.


  • Can I bring a camera?
    Absolutely!  There will be several photo opportunities that you won't want to miss and the Captain will stop the boat at each one.

  • How many people will be on the boat?
    We take a maximum of six passengers on the boat.  Ribbit One has five passenger jockey seats and one forward console seat.


  • How fast do you go?
    We run at a speed that is safe and comfortable for everyone on board and suitable for sea conditions.  While Ribbit One can go fast, it isn't a thrill ride  We will typically run between 15 - 25 miles per hour.


  • Can people with medical conditions come on the tour?
    People with medical conditions should attend at their own discretion.  While the seats are comfortable, the bay does get bumpy.  At low tide, you will need to be able to walk down and/or up a steep gang way.  You will need to be able to step off of the dock and into the boat.

  • Are you handicap accessible?
    Due to the construction of the boat, it is not handicap accessible.  Additionally, the gang way to the dock is steep at low tide.